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What I Offer

Here you can find the workshops, services and other stuff i offer.I aspire to have my work mainly based on donations and i hope to be able to someday develop a stable financial income on sharing mindfulness and art. If you just want to support my work, you can go to Support/Dana. 

If i write basic for costs, i mean travel costs, a place to stay, and a donation. (also you would have to organize a space for it in your city) You will find a lot of different things here.

You can also check out courses, to see what i currently do.

What i offer


Personal coaching

You want someone on your side to go your mindful path? We can talk, i can offer personalized meditation s and we can discuss some knowledge for a life with deep happiness. For the moment just online. It's so much easier to stay present with some personal help, so get it! :)

Costs: we can figure that out together 


Layouts (for non-profits or social justice movements)

I really like doing some layout for flyers, sticker or posters. So if you need some layout for your political group or your community support organization etc. feel free to write me. Costs: Donations


Workshop: Make your own colours

Making edible and trinkable colours out of food is a fun thing. Using the colours to draw on whatever you feel like is even more fun. Combining all of this with a mindful approach is practically a shortcut to enlightment, or maybe just a possibility to feel the fun even more. We will see...
Costs: basic (+ costs for materials)


Or some other idea?

You have some other idea, feel free to contact. As long as its appropiate to my skills i will probably consider it. So you wanna have mindfulness training for your employees or wanna do a fun first aid knowlegde refreshing course with some friends? Just ask!
Costs: Open to discussion


Concerts (and maybe some poetry reading)

You like my music (and poetry)? Great! I love sharing music, so maybe you pay for food, travel and stay and i come to you?

Costs: Basic + (Additional costs for commercial events.) 


Workshop: Introduction to (Queering) buddhism

The buddhist teaching in it's core is non-discriminatory, but what we find in the buddhist reality is a lot of normative thinking and discrimination. So this  workshop is an invitation to (non-)buddhist queer & trans* people (or supporters). Let's merge the deep wisdom of the Buddha and queer, trans* and feminist theories.

Costs: basic


Seminar for teachers and institutions: How do you make your space an LGBTIQA+ friendly space?

Do you want to create a welcoming atmosphere for LGBTIQA+ people? There are some things, that might help you achieve this goal. In this seminar we will combine elements of diversity trainings, with a mindful approach. Being inclusive for LGBTIQA+ isn't just a to do list, it's more of a mindset combined with well informed structural changes. Costs: BASIC (+additional costs for commercial businesses)
Online possible. Seminar will consist of at least 4x 1,5h meetings, for the best results the meetings would be weekly, but 1-Day courses are also possible.  

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