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Professional information

So as it is still important in our world here is some professional information about me. As you will notice, i am on the way and some professional things aren't finished yet. I don't think certificates can capture the inner progress and strength, but here you go.

Relevant professional information

Master of Arts "Gender Studies"

I finished my master degree in October 2022 with my thesis on "LGBITQA+ in buddhism in europe". A wonderful topic that's really close to my (queer) heart. In the master i learned a lot about critically discussing normative concepts and creating more inclusive spaces.

In Progress: certified mindfulness teacher

I'm currently in training for becoming an officially trained mindfulness teacher. I train at DFME Achtsamkeit, a mainly secular training center with heavy inspiration from buddist teachings, buddhist psychology and the Vipassana tradition. The training will take about 2,5 years to finished.

Certificate: "Psychology: social processes, Diversity and intervention"

The certificate is an official diploma from "Fernuni Hagen" (state certified online university). I will probably continue to do the bachelor degree. For the certificate i learned the basic psychology modules, in combination with social psychology and community psychology.


I am a certified trainer for first-aid-courses. So i will be able to handle most first aid situations and am happy to share the knowledge.

Bachelor of Arts: Gender studies and sociology

I did a bachelor in Gender studies and Sociology (2-subject-bachelor) at Georg-August-Universität Oldenburg. Bachelor thesis "'Care Revolution' - A Discussion of the concept from a worth spin-off-critical and transpolitical perspective". In the bachelor i learned a lot about critically discussing normative concepts and creting more inclusive spaces.

In Progress: Practicing buddhism

The buddhist tradition i am most inspired by is the plum village tradition, so at the beginning of 2022 i received the 5 mindfulness trainings and i hope some day i will be able to receive the 14 mindfulness trainings and join the order of interbeing. But most importantly i'm training every day, to stay in the moment and be present with what is.

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